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It's not sweat, just liquid awesome!!   


Quotes Maria makes exercise aka Zumba, FUN!!! I am amazed by the amount of energy she puts into her classes as well as how she can get even the most reluctant participants to join in and have fun. THE BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER PERIOD Quotes

Quotes All her classes are a blast ! She seems tireless! Quotes
Charlotte Worthington
zin sis

Quotes Classes at studio M aren't just physically intense, they're mentally stimulating even as they help you unwind, something we all need to do more of in our busy lives. She is one of the best fitness instructors I've had the pleasure of knowing. The energy she creates in her classes is so positive and intense, it's impossible not to have fun, even while she keeps your body in shape and your health in prime condition. I highly recommend it!! Quotes
Cristina Miranda

Quotes Studio M is a great place to have loads of fun while sweating off those calories! I love my Zumba friends! Quotes
Kim H.

Quotes Studio M is the best , love her classes, all of them. She has special talent not just for classes but for making it become fun , I am honored to know her. Quotes
Vesna Stewart
Bridal Shop Owner

Quotes There's a reason to love Zumba that's because Studio M teaches it and makes it feel like fun. She's a wonderful person and a dedicated instructor that pushes you to achieve your goals wether it's to lose weight/ meet new and old friends/ or just to dance. I can guarantee that you will love this class and keep coming back. If I can travel all the way from Scotland UK just to attend her classes I'm sure you's can when you's are all based in davenport. It's great to have you back in davenport where you belong. Welcome back you've been truly missed mwah mwah mwah Quotes
Karin Stewart
Salon's Owner

Quotes Studio M is the most awesome instructor of anything fitness ever. She makes you feel welcome, sexy, hot, and like you own the floor. I would recommend her classes to anyone because above anything else, her mission is to HAVE FUN, and who doesn't like to have fun while getting in shape? Her personality is so bubbly that you can't help but to start to get into it, even if it's your first time ever shakin you booty. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Quotes
Extremely satisfied customer